We recently caught up with Larry De Kat ahead of his forthcoming forthcoming release ‘Round About Midnight’,  his previous releases have gained support from the likes of Giles Peterson, The Black Madonna, Midland any many more.

His sound is a unique blend which playfully darts between a whole host of genres with strong reference points to Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Italo, House and back again which has attracted figures across the Electronic Music scene who crave something out of the ordinary to implement into their sets.

The Utrecht resident shared his favourite spots across the city as well as giving us an insight into what makes the man tick…

So here’s a little picture of a few of my favourite hangout spots in Utrecht, NL. It’s called the Shaka playground, and is hosted by Allan who runs quite a handsome clothing line. It’s quite organic and based on natural beliefs, let’s say it’s “down to earth”. You can check it out here. Humble clothing for humble people. Besides this, it’s also a club where I ventures into more hip-hop, trap and r ‘n b sounds. You can also always visit to play some chess or just hang out or enjoy delicious foods.

I’m a big fan of nature, and this photo shoot took place about six months ago. it was in a nice forest down close to where I live. Since I’m also a biology teacher my passion for nature and music is inevitable. You can imagine that music grows like a seed to form a total production and so does the nature. Learn from the old and adept and overcome. Try new styles and see what matches the most and most importantly remember that it’s the survival of the fittest!

This is actually a photo during the rehearsal of my live show at Antwerpen, Pekfabrik last February. This live show is my primary output at the moment and is a true interaction with house music and live, well-trained musicians. Thomas van D. was on the keys, Wouter van D. was on the guitar and Juno was on the vocals, it was quite the eye-catcher and the people really went for it. Even though I do a lot of down tempo shows with my band, they sure know how to get the crowd moving. About the clothings, I always likes to have a good appearance but it was quite cold at the area, hence the fisherman’s coat. Here’s a link to the video.

I live in Utrecht, NL and a lot of my friends have homes where they have access to the rooftop, in this case Julien, who is also seen enjoying himself at the Live show. When it’s time to relax, it’s lovely to see the sun go down and enjoy a beer or soda and just let all the stress flow away from your toes into the wide-open spaces. Unfortunately you see some machines working but the sun makes up for everything.

Every now and then I’m part of a DJ residency at a club called the Streetfodoclub. They deliver you the most tasteful oriental style dishes and the juiciest cocktails. When I’m there I always enjoys hanging with the locals and playing some of his finest records. Being there is almost like being in a haute couture Asia: everything is well balanced. From the interior design to the food, drinks and music. And don’t forget the loving personnel.

This picture offers a quick glimpse into my home. Having a good eye for detail and placement means my studio is not only chill-worthy, but it’s also a good place for a musician to come alive and get in the flow. My tip for staying anonymous is well presented here!