Marc Maya is a force to be reckoned with, the Spanish producer continues to impress with a string of forthcoming releases on Einmusika, Dear deer and Elevate.

The Barcelona based taste maker is set for another busy summer with multiple appearances on The White Isle, you can catch Marc at Amnesia for Elrow’s opening party this weekend as well as future appearances as their founding resident DJ and purveyor of the madness.

Keep an eye on his appearances here.

1. David Mayer & Floyd Lavine feat. Xolisa – Sondela (Connected Frontline)

This track contains well chosen vocals placed alongside a world of melodies and sounds with a lot of personality that create an atmosphere that I love.

2. Phil Weeks – Extra Dry (Robsoul)

I love the acid sound and its nuances. In general it transports me to another time and that is something that I like a lot.


3. Emanuel Satie – Zombie Love ‘Groove Armada Remix’ (VIVa MUSiC)

I really like the claps, the build up and the drop in this ​track. The drop is quiet but at the same time elegant.

4. Jon Hestor – Neurons (Rekids)

A theme that I like is simplicity which this track does perfectly. It’s also has a good groove and boasts very nice house nuances. I like the sound, it’s so pure.

5. Andruss, Flashingroof, H.A.N.T. – Mantra (Bunny Tiger)


I think all the sounds chosen are super , I love the vocal, it’s a track that makes me dig into my most hidden instincts, it really hits my heart.

6. Woo York – More Than A Feeling (Afterlife records)


Amazing track with an incredible melody and some super cute pats, with a very handsome fade out, I love this breaks track.

7. Innellea – Escaping Nambaka (Hosted)


I love the African vocals and the synths used are incredible.

8. Kaiserdisco – Hydra ‘Aitor Ronda remix’ (Tronic)


What to say about this spectacular bomb, it has an incredible rise along with a spectacular groove, it’s a track with a lot of punch, a dancefloor breaker.

9. Pablo Fierro – Baobab (Compost Black)


This has a very good groove and  a melody that is interlaced, the stop seems very interesting, the vocals are a bit strange but I like them.

10. Amine K – Hyperion ‘Mathias Schober remix’ (Souvenir music)

I really like the choppy groove of this song and the low tones. It has an incredible melody arpeggio.