Detroit based producer Thomas Barnett is known to many as one of the founding members of Rhythim is Rhythim alongside Derrick May, an established figure in his own right the multi talented musician continues to deliver solid releases to this day and his latest EP alongside Ecilo is no different.

Barnett’s output has seen his career span way over two decades so far under many monikers, Groove Slave, Subterfuge, & Four313 (with Blake Baxter) are just a few of his aliases that have seen great success and his release ‘Do Bionics Crystalize?’ was picked up by non other than Richie Hawtin.

Fast forward to ‘French Loop EP’ we’re presented with a four track gem alongside label protege Ecilo, the Indonesian artist has been taken under the wings of Barnett who will no doubt share his wealth of knowledge and on production tips which can only enhance Ecilo’s future works.

Purchase ‘French Loop EP’ via Beatport now.