Bucharest duo Vinyl Speed Adjust make a welcome return with ‘Back And Forth EP‘ via the highly respected Visionquest Records, the Romanian’s are no strangers to the imprint with previous releases ‘Retro‘ and ‘Carpe Diem‘ gaining widespread support from the Techno community.

Delving into the release we’re reminded of that instant groove Vinyl Speed Adjust manage to capture in all of their productions, opener ‘On And Off’ delivers a real hypnotic ethereal glow as it develops and warped percussive elements set the tone for another sonic journey.

As we move through the EP ‘Blue Notes’ presents listeners with a thicker groove amongst acidic squelchy backdrops, this track in particular signifies the dominance of the duos sound especially in a live scenario and in the right setting.

On the flip side ‘Noek’ picks up the pace with a real driving energy , again the use of underlying groove truly brings out the brilliance of their production techniques and displays a different side to their sound.

Closing proceedings is warped tribal offering ‘Late Shuffle’ which sets a real marker for itself with low slung drums, other worldly soundscapes and an overall Jungle themed atmosphere.

This release is testament to Vinyl Speed Adjust’s ability to gracefully deliver a whole host of sounds with seemingly minimal effort and long may their reign continue.

Release Date : 07/09/18 (vinyl) – 12/10/18 (digital).